Rocking horse

Rocking horse

What's this

The rocking horse is a game that can be used by children, it is a horse equipped with a system that allows it to swing. Several models of rocking horses are available on the market.


The rocking horse is a great way to entertain children. It can be made of wood or plastic. In the first case, the horse evokes the classic games of the past, painted and made as similar as possible to a real one. The horse, in addition to rocking, could be equipped with a series of wheels that allow it to walk. In addition, the horse could be stuffed with plush, so as to offer the child a different contact as well. In the case of the wooden horse and the plush horse, it is certainly not conceivable to use it outside because they are two materials that would tend to get damaged in a short time. Only the rocking horse made of plastic is suitable for the garden. The plastic used is quite resistant to support the weight of the child, who can swing or replace the wheels and walk in the garden. The plastic used is painted in different colors using only substances that do not pose a problem for children. The plastic rocking horse can be safely washed with soap and water and can be left outside even during the winter because it does not suffer any damage.

How to choose it

The rocking horse can be chosen of different materials, depending on the use that will be made of it. For the summer period, however, it is advisable to buy a plastic horse to use in the garden, while a wooden rocking horse can be chosen for the bedroom. If the child decides to choose a plush or wooden horse, we must immediately explain that it will not be possible to use it outside. The rocking horse remains one of those games that children continue to keep and is a useful accompanying tool in their growth.

Where to buy it

First of all, the rocking horse is sold directly assembled so it comes in a rather large package. It is sold in shops selling items for children and children, in all the models listed above. The dealer will provide information on the maximum weight that the horse can support, because exceeding a certain weight, it could be risky for the child to continue using it. In addition, even when the rocking horse is not in use it can be kept in the child's room. In the shops there are different models made not only with different materials but which also have particularities that lead them to a change in price. The use of materials such as leather to make the bridle, compared to plastic, imposes a higher cost on the rocking horse. For this reason, before defining which model to choose, it is good to compare different models to check the one that seems to have the best value for money. Since this is a game to which the child will remain fond of for a long time, it is advisable to focus your choice on a model made with rather solid materials. On the internet, you can find a large showcase that will allow the customer to orient himself in his choice. There are many sites that sell items for children and certainly the rocking horse could not be missing. Here too the rocking horse is found in the wooden, plush, plastic version, but the customer will have very short times to consult the characteristics of each rocking horse and perhaps even compare it with some model seen in a traditional shop. In any case, whatever the choice, it is a rather welcome gift to the child, who will consider him a playmate. The purchase made online obviously presents within the site all the information useful to the customer to check the delivery times and the methods for the eventual return of the rocking horse if it should present defects. For this reason it is advisable to always carefully read all the conditions before making the purchase. Also on the internet you can also find the latest news presented on the market and if you are looking for a model not found in the store before giving up it is good to consult the network as well. In a short time you can visit many different sites and you can easily dedicate yourself to shopping even in the evening without any time constraints.

Garden games: A rocking horse

In recent years the most used game for children in the days, turns out to be the rocking horse. It turns out to be one of the oldest games in the world, in fact it has been found in shops specializing in the sale of igocattol ie for childhood for almost a century now. Its inventor was an American gentleman, the lqale had many children running around his house, so wanting to make them feel good, he decided to build a swing so that the children would leave him alone. Later he was given the shape of the horse, because the swinging recalled the gallop of the animal in question. It is also important that after the purchase, the assembly is entrusted to an experienced and capable person.

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