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Storing Compost – Tips On The Storage Of Garden Compost Information

Storing Compost – Tips On The Storage Of Garden Compost

By: Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban AgriculturistCompost is a living thing filled with organisms and microbiotic bacteria that require aeration, moisture and food. Learning how to store compost is easy to do and can increase in nutrients if stored on the ground. If you are making your own compost at such high levels that you cannot use it right away, you can also store it in a compost bin.

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Parterres Information


Landscaping / Photo Albums / Landscaping TricksBy ded_morozPrintRate article: 54321 (0 votes, average: 0 out of 5) Share with your friends!

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Preparing potatoes for planting New

Preparing potatoes for planting

Almost all summer residents very responsibly prepare vegetable seeds before planting on the site. Likewise, potatoes, which often grow from tubers, need a preparatory process before planting. There are a number of simple procedures that will affect the early emergence of potatoes and their yield, as well as save from some diseases.

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Waterfalls Interesting


Waterfalls represent a very fascinating element in nature, which leaves everyone quite surprised. It is a water jump made from different heights that falls into an underlying basin, surrounded by thick vegetation. Inside a garden it is possible to reproduce the same effect by creating artificial waterfalls.

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Wooden benches Various

Wooden benches

Introduction We can say that the wooden benches represent a bit of the traditional bench, since a natural material is used that is in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. Natural coloring and varnishing Depending on the type of wood used, the bench takes on a different color; usually the wood is left in its natural state, to prevent the use of paints from covering the original grain.

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Dandelion mother tincture Information

Dandelion mother tincture

Dandelion The dandelion has the particularity of presenting, within it, a considerable concentration of active ingredients, as well as vitamins and mineral salts.It is a plant that has the peculiarity of being able to guarantee the carrying out of important beneficial actions for the health of the our body.

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